Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little This, A Little That

The past two weekends have been just delightful - sunny bright days, cool, dry air. We wanted to be outside just to take advantage of the weather. Last weekend we decided to attend the Renaissance Festival in Plantersville. Mom and I spent the whole day going to all the "appropriate" (family friendly) shows and walking through all the shops. It was a hoot! The best part was people watching. Some had really elaborate costumes you wouldn't believe. I think this was my favorite.


I was even selected to come up out of the audience to participate in a juggling, comedy show. Here I am prepped to receive the pins:


Here I am afterward. Please notice that I didn't drop any of the three pins. WooHoo - I can go into a new career!


We enjoyed all the shows, especially the guy who played the "Big Bells". We've heard him before and wanted to see him again. We purchased one of his CDs last time we attended the festival.


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This year we attended a new group which played bagpipes and drums. They were really good. Enough so that we purchased one of their CDs. No picture, however. We passed on the turkey leg, but had sausage on a stick and other local foods. This is a picture of a “church” where people can have weddings. Kind of cool – eh?

Yesterday was a wonderful day again. I wanted to go to Galveston, as I've not been back since the hurricane last year. But Mom had other ideas ....

Tell me if you can tell what is different from this picture.

If you said that the scraggly looking bushes in the corner of the yard were gone, you'd be right. And some of you might notice the big limb that has been cut off the tree. You'd be right too! I did it with my trusty little (actually it not so little) chain saw. WooHoo - me and Paul Bunyan! We spent most of the day working in the yard cutting big limbs into small little limbs. We gave it all to the Lassens for their fire pit. We like having the back yard a little more open. And we don't have limbs that hang over the roof of the garage or back room. It was enjoyable to work together outside.

Mom has been very busy this past two week with speaking in a ward conference, All Board meeting, Friends of the Library session, coordinating Feeding the Missionaries during a Zone Conference, providing Annual RS Leadership Training at the stake center, attending a PPI with the Stake President, publishing her monthly newsletter to RS Presidents, etc.

Me - I just go to work and try to keep up with her. I had someone in from Europe for the whole week that I was training.

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