Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Changes

So - Mom gets called as the Katy Stake Relief Society President, and what does she do? She redecorates!

I admit that the wallpaper was pretty dated in our front room. I came home from my "On the Road Again" trip and Mom had hired some laborers to redo the front room. Three of them did everything in one day. Naturally, having a nice front room made the entry way look out of place and tacky. It took two days for Jon and I to do the entry way. (I guess we are not skilled laborers!)

The top portion is a light brown - think of a melted Frosty. The bottom half is dark brown - think of a Hershey Chocolate bar. The woodwork was repainted white. Mom even ordered some new binds for the front windows, which we installed yesterday. It looks very nice. Notice the stylish shelves with "art" objects to decorate the walls. She has good taste!

Since I'm publishing something to this blog, I might as well include what we did last weekend. We decided to get some outside culture. There is a very interesting Hindu temple, the first one of its kind outside of India, which was built here in Houston.

Mom had called ahead and scheduled a tour for us. (She had previously been here with the Old Ladies of the Library group.) It was very interesting to learn about their religion and culture. I learned some things I never knew before about Indians and their discoveries, inventions, mathematics, etc.

This building is made without any steel or supporting structures. It is put together like Lego Blocks - over 30,000 of them. The marble was carved in India and shipped over here. Very beautiful and interesting. Afterward, we went to an Indian restaurant for some very good Indian cuisine.

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Crystal said...

The front room looks amazing!!! Anne did a great job decorating :-)