Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is it February already?!

I look at the calendar and see that we are approaching the end of February. I enjoy reading everyone else's blog, so I guess that I better be more diligent in writing something on mine.

Here are some of the activities that have been going on recently. First of all, Leanna turned 17 this month. We celebrated by going to "Taste of Texas." Very nice steaks, very pricey! But she will never turn 17 again so we treated her.

My nephew (who is a year older than I am), Michael Criddle (Melvin's oldest son) came to town on business. He spent his last night in Houston with us. I took him to the temple for a session before dropping him off at the airport the next day.

I have an old missionary companion coming to town this next week on business and he will be staying with us. I look forward to swapping old stories with him. The only problem is that I am hosting a week-long training workshop and will have very little time. I even had to get a substitute seminary teacher for this week since I have to go into the office early and may have to work late. I have people coming in from all over the world.

Mom has been on a lucky streak lately. No, she didn't win the lottery. But she did win tickets (great seats) to the Houston Rodeo next month. She also won the door prize at the "old ladies at the college" class for a $50 dinner at a nice restaurant. This past week we attended a free, Smooth Jazz concert at the college. Afterwards, they had refreshments. A perfect date - great entertainment and then they feed you - all for free!

I assume many of you have already seen how Mom has redecorated the Master bedroom. She made the curtain and all the pillow covers. It took a long time to find the bed spread and lamps. Doesn't it look great?! Watching all those HGTV shows really paid off!