Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here We Go Again

It looks like I get to work from home again on Friday. Ike is headed our way and will probably give us substancial rain and wind. They have declared an evacuation for Galveston and Baytown. When I drove past the local gas station, cars were lined up four deep at each station. We are well stocked at home and will "shelter in place".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To Arizona and Back

This has been an active month for us. First, Jon and Crystal stopped in Houston as they were returning from Arkansas to BYU. (Bet you didn't know that Texas is directly in the middle of the road from Arkansas back to Utah.) They were also able to fly to Florida to attend a family reunion with Crystal's family in Disney World (courtesy of Crystal's father!)

When I dropped them off at the airport for their vacation trip, I also dropped Anne for a flight to Arizona. We now have a beautiful little grand daughter named Storey Jennette Vermillion. (Remind me again, Keith, how many grand kids do you have - I forget....)

After J/C spent a few days in Houston after their vacation, they took off to Utah. At the same time, Leanna and I left to drive to Arizona. Leanna graduated a year early from high school. We had a very nice time on our road trip. We listened to our music and enjoyed the scenery.

While in Arizona, I was also able to spend quality time with my grandson, Jakson Clyde Vermillion (2 years old). He is full of energy and we had a great time together.

While I played Grandpa in Phoenix, Anne drove Leanna up to BYU and helped to settle her in the dorm. (Notice the "Texas Pride"!) Thanks to Jon for helping to set up her computer.

After Anne/Mom returned to Arizona, we held a birthday party for Anne's mother in a local church. It was nice to see all of Anne's family.

Here is the address to my web album if you'd like to view all the pictures from our trip. (Copy and paste in your browser address bar