Sunday, December 9, 2007

Didn't I Just Rake those Leaves?

One of the disadvantages of living in the South is that the growing season lasts - oh, maybe 11+ months of the year! This weekend the temperature in Houston was in the 80's and I worked up a sweat raking the leaves and mowing the lawn. (It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit with high temps and humidity.) I noticed today that the back yard is in need of raking - again. Trees are wonderful things until they start to drop their leaves.

I have one tree in the front yard that begins to drop it's leaves in August. But it is now putting on it's second set of leaves for the year. They will be on the tree until February, and then I'll get to rake them again. New leaves will come on again in March.

Mom is visiting Bethany/Zak/Jaks in Phoenix this week so Nanna and I are "batching" it. We will survive, but we miss the "heart" of our home. Yesterday afternoon, Leanna and I put up the Christmas tree and nativity sets. I wasn't as structured as when Mom puts the lights and ornaments on the tree, but Nan and I both think it looks great.

I only have 8 more working days this year. I am taking every Friday off and my last day is Dec 20th. I return to work on January 7. I'm looking forward to the break (and to not teaching early morning seminary.)