Saturday, March 8, 2008


It's March in Houston and that can only mean one thing - hay fever! Opps, I mean the Houston Rodeo - YeeHaw! As you can see, we really got into the spirit of the day. Mom won free tickets to the Rodeo, and you know that we never pass up a free thing. I took off work Tuesday afternoon and Leanna got off from school a little early.

We enjoyed looking at the student art. Many of the drawings and pictures looked so real that we thought they were photos. We like looking at the handmade quilts. Of course, we like to wander through all the vendor stalls and see what is for sell that we just can't live without. (Fortunately, we didn't find anything like that!)

We enjoyed the animal displays and the rodeo itself. We had the best seats we've ever had. The weather was perfect. The rodeo is in Reliant Stadium, where the Houston Texans play football. (The stadium of the famous Janet Jackson Super Bowl costume failure.) Our favorite part of the rodeo every year is the calf scramble. About 40 teenagers try to capture, rope, and drag an uncooperative calf into the middle of the arena. There are only 20 calves for them to chase and catch. They get to show the calf in the livestock show next year. Very fun to watch.

There was a concert after the rodeo. Somebody named Kevin Fowler - never heard of 'em. We left after one song because I had to get up the next morning to teach seminary. Mom and Leanna were tired too, so no one complained.

Speaking of March and hay fever, everything is in bloom in Houston now. My eyes are itching like crazy. It seems like it was only three weeks ago that I raked my final leaves of the season. In fact - it was! Now here the trees are sprouting again. I get no rest.

Mom and I spend Saturday cleaning and organizing the garage. Those HGTV show really inspire her! At least the garage looks much better now. But I'm afraid we've only just begun. We took much of the good leftover stuff from our garage and donated it to the local Habitat for Humanity. (We still have a lot of stuff to get rid of.) I had saved all the window sun screens that I had made before we replaced the windows. They collect all kinds of building materials and appliances and then use it to help the less fortunate. We did our thing to help the community!