Monday, November 26, 2007

They Came, We Saw, He Conquered

We had a wonderful visit with Beth, Zak, and Jakson at Thanksgiving. It was great to be able to visit with them and - especially, to bond with Jakson. He and Grandpa had a great time together. (Thus - he conquered our hearts.) He is a very "busy" boy - always wanting to do something. We pulled out all the old toys that were worth keeping. I remember when Jeff/Jon played with the same toys. It was also nice to be able to give him back to his parents when he started to smell.

Mom invited a widow lady from our ward to spend Thanksgiving dinner with us. She commented on Sunday how much she enjoyed being with us.

Bethany helped to make my blog better looking. Thanks to her!

I've posted some pictures of the week on my Web Album. Click on the link on the right to view.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Slow - Slow - Quick Quick

We've still got it!

If I were asked what was the most valuable class we took in college, and what we still use all these many years since graduation - I'd have to say social dance. Mom/Anne signed us up at the local community college to take a dance class this semester. The class has been going on for several weeks (like about 6 weeks) but this last Thursday was the first time I was able to attend with her. (My AP trip and stake meetings prevented us from attending earlier classes together.)

The class is just a bunch of us oldies who get together for this class. Someone brings a CD player and music. Mom and I are the youngest couple there. Anyway, as the class progressed, the instructors commented that we must have taken dance classes before. We admitted that we had in college. Everyone was amazed that we still knew many of the steps. (I guess it's because I kept my skills up while dancing with Bethany in the kitchen when she was young!) The instructors had to leave early to go to a play at the college while the rest of us stayed to practice. It ended up that Anne and I became the "substitute" teachers and were showing steps to the other couples. Then, since there were more ladies than men in attendance, Mom sat down while I danced with another old lady. It was a fun evening. We have a few more classes to attend this semester.

On Friday, Mom had volunteered to assist at the college play taking tickets and serving the refreshments after the play/musical. (It was Kismet, for those who want to know.) Mom was put in charge of all the volunteers that night and she was short-handed. So I got to help take tickets, seat people, serve the refreshments and clean up afterwards. The play wasn't that professional (kind of what you'd expect from a community college), but it was a fun evening. I enjoyed working together with Mom. We are going to more of these kind of activities over time.