Sunday, May 4, 2008

They are called GRAND-kids for a reason

I had a free air ticket that I had to use before it expired, so I took a quick trip to Arizona in April. I went to see my name-sake, Jakson Clyde Vermillion! Oh, and I was able to see Beth and Zak at the same time. I was able to be there for Jakson's two-year birthday celebration. I've heard someone say that grandkids are the blessing you receive from not having killed your own kids when they were teenagers. :-) I enjoyed being with the Arizona crew and being away from work for a short time.

The big gift that he got was an authentic Radio Flyer Classic Red Dual Deck Tricycle. Of course, Jakson was more interested in the box it came in than in the tricycle itself. His legs will have to grow a few more inches before he can ride the trike, but he has the right idea. Until then, he will have to satisfy himself with the box it came in.

I was able to help Zak work on their back yard. We laid down paving stones on the side of their house for a play area for Jakson. We also smoothed and seeded the back yard so they will have some green stuff to walk on. Zak is finishing a small room under the stairs for Jakson that I helped with. It will be a nice play area for Jakson. (You have to be under four foot tall to stand up in it - perfect for him!)

Mom and I have been doing the usual. She has been busy collecting props for an opera the Lone Star College is putting on. We have been hitting the thrift stores (on half price day, screaming deals no less) to pick up items. Mom has been working at the college at the ticket booth for a play they recently put on. (I didn't go to it.) Mom also volunteered two Saturdays to help with a Prom Dress Give-Away project. Dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, hair pieces, shawls, etc had been donated for inner-city and disadvantaged youth. They even had tuxes for boys. We attended a Jazz class concert this week at the college. Next week, we will volunteer to work at the opera - taking tickets and serving refreshments.

Mom won some free passes to a movie premier. We saw the "Forbidden Kingdom" with Jet Li and Jackie Chan - a great guy flick with wonderful karate fight scenes - who cares about the plot or dialog? We also went to see Iron Man this week (My reward for having worked hard with her cleaning the house on Saturday.)

Springtime in Houston is wonderful. The weather is very pleasant and everything is green and growing. But I can't help but think of all the leaves I'm going to have to rake next fall.

We have only three more weeks of seminary - but who's counting? Well, we are. In fact we made a countdown chain - kind of like the red and green paper chains we would make at Christmas time to countdown the days until Christmas. Each day we tear off one link from the chain.