Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

I had a "Texas" type of New Year's day. First, since we live in the south and it is still the growing season, I spent the morning raking leaves and mowing the lawn. (Bet none of you did that on New Year's day!) Next, since it's NYD - and there is lots and lots of football on the tube, I enjoyed the many games. In fact, I'm using the laptop while I'm lying here in bed watching the Rose Bowl as I write this blog.
We invited our local missionaries to spend yesterday with us. They agreed to come, and brought six other missionaries with them. We had 4 elders and 4 sisters. I had set up the back room with the ping pong table, air hockey, and foosball. (It was their P-Day and they weren't suppose to tract the day before N.Y.) Mom had sandwiches for them to eat. We baked cookies for dessert while they played games. They seemed to have a good time. It was nice that we could give them some service.
Mom got out a puzzle that we put together during the evening. (Leanna had to work last night and then went over to a friend's home to light fireworks.) It was a puzzle map of Texas that was educational as well as fun.
Mom is cooking some "little smokies" and some of those spinach balls that we frequently have during the holidays. It smells great. She sure makes it hard to lose weight!
We've done some maintenance items over the holidays. Our garage door always seems to stop working when the weather gets cool - it goes up two inches and then comes back down. I called a specialist to come and fix it. (Mom is now happy that she doesn't have to get out of the car to help the garage door open when it's cold.) Next, we hired a guy to come and grind the tree stump that was next to the back room. I've never seen that done before. (It made lots of great mulch for us.)
Mom and I will spend tomorrow at the temple. I am enjoying sleeping in during the holidays. We've gone to the library a couple of times already to get movies and reading materials. It has been a very nice vacation/holiday time. I'm sure I'm going to be sad to see the end of my time off.