Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Special Christmas Event

The day that I left Utah to come home, Jakson and I watched "The Polar Express" together. I believe it was the fourth time in two days that he had watched the movie. Just before we left for the airport, I got Jakson's coat from the closet and walked into the front room by the tree to help him put it on. Jakson did not know I was behind him. He reached up to the tree, pulled off a little silver bell, held it to his ear and shook it. He then put the bell into his pants pocket. Almost immediately he pulled it out again, held it to his ear and shook it again. Satisfied that he could still hear the bell, he put it into his pocket for good, turned around and saw me behind him - he just smiled at me. It was a special event for me to witness.

He can hear the bell - he believes.
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